My Personal Favorite: TDwella

At this moment in time, which of your own poems is your personal favorite, and why?




The collective brain of intolerance is a

fibrous fungus, a skinny wormy infestation of life

a hate seeker, death-dealer. They are dark black

murderous souls who

bruise bones, make thick crimes

fake their fears then speak quiet lies for

sluggish judgements of favor. Their lives

are the jagged swords of injustice

cutting away at the

tree of life—an axe on

bark-brown, skin-like matter

as songs of the dead

scream up in ghostly refrain

staccato rhythms of pain



Why this is my favorite poem:

I see my work balanced within the context of social acceptance and cultural sensitivities. My poetic expressions are multivalent signifiers of sensitivity, acceptance, equality, and acquaintance. By reflecting on crimes against people of color, this poem (Inner City Outcry) is one of my favorite because it resonates with my analysis of intolerance.


This poem is an original work written by TDwella and published in The Wayne Literary Review, Spring 2018.

Short Bio:

TDwella is the pseudonym of Angelia Buckingham. She writes poetry under her pen name to maintain organization over her many creative ventures. Some of those ventures include writing lyrics for theme songs on the internet as well as audio tracks in commercial advertisements. She completed her B.A. (2016) in English with a focus on creative writing, at Wayne State University then went on to complete her M.A. in Information Science concentrating on Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience (UX), at Wayne State’s School of Information Science (2018).She has had some of her poetry selections published in 34th Parallel Magazine, Eber & Wein Publishers, and the Warren Artists’ Market. She received recognition for poetry submissions to Wayne State University’s English Department. The following is a brief list. She received Honorable mention for the John Clare Award in Poetry. She was awarded the Stephen H. Tudor Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing. She was awarded the Doretta Burke Sheill Endowed Memorial Scholarship and received honorable mention for the Tompkins Award.

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