Hi Everyone,

hi resolution I have the answer

This is the one week anniversary of the I Have the Answer launch! Thanks to everyone who ordered it, and cheered the book on from afar. It has meant a lot to me that you were so kind when we are all going through this COVID-19 nightmare.

This is the first of two final blog posts about the book. The next one will take place next Tuesday on the two week anniversary. After that I will return to the regularly scheduled programming. (This year on this blog I’ll be talking to both poets and writers about their upcoming books and posting once per month.)

I discovered these two amazing audiobook narrators, Denice Stradling and Larry Petersen, through my good friend, Robin Martin, and I am so grateful to her for putting me in touch with them! It’s a surreal experience to hear my work read by such talented people. I am posting the first of two amazing recording clips from the book here. Next week I will post Denice reading from “The Devil’s Proof.”

Here’s the first recording of Larry Petersen reading “Superman at Hogback Ridge. I hope you enjoy it!”


In other news….

Keith Taylor posted a very nice review on Goodreads here and on Stateside Radio at the 27:30 mark here.

I came up with a playlist to go along with I Have the Answer for Largehearted Boy here.

And talked to Desiree Cooper about writing over at Hypertext.

The book is available from your local bookstore (online) here at Indiebound or here at Wayne State University Press or on Amazon.

Thanks so much, everyone. Stay safe and well!