Book Reviews and Articles

Book Reviews & Articles


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Crazy Wisdom Journal, Crazy Wisdom Journal Five Questions for Kelly Fordon.

Michigan Quarterly Review, Why I Write, September 2021.

The New York Journal of Books,  Bone Rosary by Thomas Lynch, March 2021.

The New York Journal of Books, All My Mother’s Lovers by Ilana Masad, March 2021.

The Kenyon Review Online, Enclosure, Jan/Feb 2021.

The New York Journal of Books, Half by Sharon Harrigan, June 2020.

Cleaver Magazine, “How Writing Fiction Helps Me–and Maybe You–Deal with Past Trauma,” July 7, 2020.

Authorlink review of Lost Girls by Ellen Birkett Morris, July 1, 2020.

River Teeth “Astraphobia,” Issue 21.2, Spring 2020.

Stateside review of Grief’s Country by Gail Griffin, May 1, 2020.

WDIV, review of Elemental, a 2019 Michigan Notable Book.

Stateside with Cynthia Canty, Review of Elemental, A Collection of Michigan Creative Nonfiction, February 25, 2019.

Wasafiri Review, Bright Blue Search of Flame by Zilka Joseph, June 2018.

The New York Journal of Books, They Knew What They Wanted, by John Ashbery, March 2018.

TBD Magazine,  Airea D. Matthews, December 2016.

Stateside with Cynthia Canty, Review of Contrary Motion by Andy Mozina, February 16, 2017.

Stateside with Cynthia Canty, Review of Olio by Tyehimba Jess, August 24, 2016.

Literary Mama, Review of Know the Mother by Desiree Cooper, April 19, 2016.

Calyx, Review of Study in Perfect by Sarah Gorham, 40th Anniversary Edition, 2016

The CommonMicroreview of Munich Airport by Greg Baxter on Friday Reads, April 2015

The CommonMicroreview of Elegies for the Broken Hearted on Friday Reads, March 2015

The CommonReview of Almost Famous Women by Megan Mayhew Bergman, January 2015

Rattle, Microreview of Red Flower, White Flower by Jennifer Tseng, March 2014

The Boston ReviewMicroreview of Jeffrey Skinner’s The 6.5 Practices of Moderately Successful Poets, July/August 2012

The Kenyon Review (KRO), Review of Rough Likeness by Lia Purpura, May 2012